Import Showdown

Import showdown is an event held multiple times a year in southern Georgia that brings out all the true grit of the south. This is a true southern quarter-mile racing event you can dig your tires into.

Counting Down

Join us in counting down to the next Import Showdown event!


Join the Race!

We offer a variety of different categories for our racers to enter and each winner will receive a CASH prize along with a trophy and a listing on the website!

We hope to see you event day, but get your sign up done early by clicking the button in your category.

Muscle Vs The World

$250 per Vehicle

Showdown Class

$150 per Vehicle

Modified Street​

$100 per Vehicle

11.5 Index​

$100 per Vehicle

10.5 Index​

$100 per Vehicle

Street Tuner

$75 per Vehicle

All Motor

$75 per Vehicle

Test & Tune​

$35 per Vehicle

Race Gallery

Check out the gallery of photos from recent events! We will update these as events go on so be sure to look for your car.

Check the Schedule

We ask that everyone make themselves familiar with the days schedule. This will ensure that we have a safe and enjoyable time come event day. It helps immensely when everyone knows where they should be and when.

Unfortunately we all know the dangers involved in racing at high speeds and unforeseen delays may occur on the track. Please ensurer your vehicle is prepped and ready to take on the stress of the day so we can maximize our time on the track and get everyone through.

Please note at 11:30am EST we will be having a Drivers Meeting that will explain any changes that may differ from what is said here on the website. Please be in attendance!

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10 Apr 2022

Spring 2022

9:30am EST

Gates Open – Admission is $20 per person – FREE for under 12 years old.

11:30am EST

Drivers Meeting – First meeting of the day to go over the rest of the days schedule, changes that may have come up, etc…

12:00pm EST

Track Opens – Test & Tune – Time to test and tune your vehicles!

2:00pm EST

Round 1 Quick 16 – Let the competition begin!

3:30pm EST

Round 2 Quick 16– Moving onto Round 2!

5:00pm EST

Semi-Finals – Getting close to the champions!

6:00pm EST

Finals – The winners are decided now!

7:00pm EST

Trophy Ceremony – Who took home the prizes?

Major Sponsors

Be sure to check out our major event sponsors! Import Showdown could not be possible without all the great help from people who truly care about racing.

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NuWay Battery

Last year NuWay Battery supported our event in 2020! Let’s cheer them onto support us in April 2021!

Drive Line

Last year Drive Line supported our event in 2020! Let’s cheer them onto support us in April 2021!

Get a Souvenir Before & During the Event

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Interviews, Tips, & More!

We’ve been doing this a while and there are some pretty important things you might want to keep in might when looking to enter one of our races. Check out our blog below for some great tips, interviews from racers & sponsors, and more before during and after race day!

Import Showdown 2021 Interviews

Thank you to everyone who was willing to be a part of our interviews at our April 2021 event! We thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone race and are grateful everyone is safe despite at least one ugly crash at the event this April. Remember to be safe and we’ll see you next time!

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Come out and watch the race, eat some food, check out the vendors, and have fun!


Show off your car and race against others on the track for a CASH prize for the winners!